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Cannot solder to power button!

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  • Cannot solder to power button!

    Hi Guys,

    Some problems with getting a Dell Latitude D620 working as a CarPC(YES I HAVE SEARCHED), wondering if we can get this all in one thread.

    1. Dell 3 Pin Power Supply:
    - Using Carnetix P2140 @ 20v it will maintain power levels but will not charge it.
    - Does anyone know if there is a way to bypass or emulate the (middle) data pin so that it charges as well? (multimeter suggests outer shield is earth and so is center pin. Middle shield is active. Middle shield to outer shield is 20v <- Power, middle shield to center pin is 12v <- Data)

    2. Power Button
    - I cannot solder on to the power button as it is part of the keyboard. The keyboard has a flexible plastic circuit board and the terminals are covered with a rubber gromit. If I attempt to remove and solder I will no doubt melt the circuit board in a split second. Any ideas on how to attach it without melting the board?
    - Without attaching the ACPI cables to the power button, I can use the carnetix to shutdown the PC via USB. But I cannot power it up.
    - Does not support Wake On Ring
    - I dont want to install a router just to send a magic packet.

    Ideas are appreciated


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    Power Button Solution

    Okay so I figured out the power button.

    Forget about trying to attach to the original power button, It just wont work.

    Follow the ribbon to the connector, Lift the blue latch that secures the ribbon. Pull the connector up with the blue plastic leaf.

    The connector is a "squash" connector, you just need to pop the two tongs on the left/right and pull out the clip (only half way) for the ribbon to come out.

    Get a thin extension cable ready and put it on Pin 8 (looking at the motherboard from the front its the 8th pin from the right hand side, cut a few strands off your extension cable if its too thick).

    Put the original ribbon back in. Ensure your cable is on Pin 8 and squash back on.

    Put another cable under the middle screw that secures the keyboard down.

    BAM, External power cable!

    If anyone has any ideas on the dell power brick it would be appreciated! Two things I have thought of.

    1. Sniff the data line and setup a microprocessor to emulate
    2. Use the standard dell power brick and provide it the DC current it needs after the AC circuit.

    If anyone has done this before (no point re-inventing the wheel) please let me know!