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Help with iPod Touch charging circuit for car

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  • Help with iPod Touch charging circuit for car

    I just finished installing an iPod Touch in the dash of my 2006 Jeep SRT8.

    Check out the video on YouTube.

    Everything works great except one thing - maybe you guys can help:

    I have an Apple Composite AV Cable to send the AV to the overhead DVD player. The USB cable from the iPod goes to a USB hub. The main jack on the USB hub goes to a panel mount USB jack. I use this to sync my MacBook Pro. The syncing part works great.

    The problem I am having is charging the iPod. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. First, I powered the hub with a USB cable from a hidden 12v USB adapter (iPod Charger) that is connected to a rocker switch. The idea was to turn the hub power on when I want it to charge and off when I don't. During testing, it worked perfect. But then sometimes when the rocker was on, the iPod did not recognize the power. I figured it had to do with not actually running 5 volts into the power jack on the hub (just a USB port. So I made a 12v to 5v power adapter from an old cell phone charger. Now the hub is theoretically powered as if it was plugged into the wall. I can still control the hub power on and off with a rocker switch. I am getting the same result - sporadic charging. I did notice once, when the battery runs down so far that it turns off, it then recognizes the charging circuit - why is this? Weird. If I omit the hub and run the USB cable straight to the 12v iPod charger, then I give up the easy syncing function.

    Thanks for any help on the charging.

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