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Amp close to HDD - Problems?

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  • Amp close to HDD - Problems?

    Hey All,
    I've built a carputer for my Subaru almost 2 years ago now and I'm currently in the process of building one for a mate. It's going into a 2008 Nissan Xtrail - into the glovebox to be exact as he wasn't interested in it being in the boot or under the seats and it was going to keep thing easy with the computer, amp and screen in very close proximity.

    As he isn't doing this for audio competitions and merely for Sat-nav, dvd's and kiddies games etc we don't need a big amp. I managed to track down a tiny 200w amp from ebay that will fit in with ease, but I'm concerned with any EMI it might cause. The photo's below explain it better.

    Does anyone think having the amp so close to the hdd/mainboard, might be a problem? I'm not talking about heat (that will be looked after), mainly just EMI or any electrical interferance.


    Access into glovebox from hole in rear/side

    Current layout (excuse teh wires that are yet to be tidied up)

    Without Amp

    With Amp (note how small it is compared to the 2.5inch hdd)
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    Nice job, it's neat and organized! I like the look of the electronics exposed instead of being in a box, makes for great ventilation, and easy access.

    I just want to know how are you going to conquer the heat with the amp being that close?
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      For the heat issue, I'm thinking of using a sheet of abs (or any decent lookign material) to partition the amp and pc into sepearate compartments with an individual fan for each. As for the size on locations of the fans, TBA.
      I installed my carpc into my pet Kangaroo, mate.