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Laptop like pointing device for PC

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  • Laptop like pointing device for PC

    Hello all,

    I'm sure everyone is familliar with the little "tit" pointing device that is in the keyboard of most laptops...

    Is anyone aware of one of these that works with PC's? I'm thinking like a USB or Serial port external model. I'd like to custom mount one into my shift knob for easy mousing around while driving... (And yes I have a touchscreen)



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    Micromodule Mouse - it's not going to fit on your shifter, but it's only $10.


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      ordered 2 of these - will let you know how they work. Thanks for the link.

      Brian F.


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        And the "proper" term is Touchpoint

        Since when is insanity a bad thing?


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          much prefer the 'nipple' name

          pitty we can't get them here in the UK
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            got the pointers today - they are very nice - thinking about making room on my console . Response is very good - push light for slow, hard for fast.

            I like them because they are moisture-proof (at least from the top) so I can put it near the drink holder without worry.



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              Cirque makes a really slick "hidden-mount" touchpad. The touchpad itself is sticky... you stick it to the back of the surface you want to use as the touchpad area (up to 2mm thick) and then turn it over/enclose it or whatever you need to do with it. The interface is ps/2.

              It's the glideTouch. Check it out at Neet stuff. (check out the combo mini-keybd/touchpad too)
              Scott Byers, President 5 Speed PC


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                will those touch points allow you to adjust the axis?? For instance do you have to use it where the long way is the horisontal plane or can you change it so that the short way is the horisontal plane??

                Ya.. thats really confusing. I just want to know because of the way i would want to mount it i would need to swap the axis.



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                  DustinR: According to the book that came with my MicroModule units, you can remap the directions any way you want. There are four sets of pads on the PCB (north, south, east, west) and you just cut traces between them and solder little jumpers for however you want it to be.

                  It also says you can do it with the Windows software, but I don't know about compatibility.


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                    Originally posted by corsamel
                    pitty we can't get them here in the UK
                    PC World used to sell (might do still) a small (4cm?) pointing device which had two buttons and a joypad style thumbpad. From waht I remember of it, it was tiny. Grey buttons, black body.
                    This must be at least a year ago, but they might still have them?



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                      i tried PC World but with no luck
                      Volvo C70 - Installation in progress *gulp*


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                        so what would stop you from getting together with someone on this board, having them order and ship one to you, then hooking them up with some uk exclusive goodies??

                        I know for a fact there are a few things u guys get that i would like to get my paws on



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                          I think us UK people might need to do something about it!

                          will have to look into it
                          Volvo C70 - Installation in progress *gulp*