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New to In-car video, want to install a PS2.

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  • New to In-car video, want to install a PS2.

    Hey all, I own a Mitsubishi van and I want to setup a Playstation 2. I wont be running a car pc yet, as i just bought a 7 inch screen and it's not a touch screen. I want to run a ps2, In conjunction with my screen, and kenwood head deck.
    Both the screen and the head deck take up both of my DIN slots, so im going to mount the ps2 under the glove box. To do this, i have to use an old boxy ps2, which causes the problem of converting the power. I would like to run it on DC power without having to convert it to and from AC power, so if there is any sort of tutorials/websites on how to do this let me know, I searched this site and google without finding anything useful.

    Thank you

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    I'm not familiar with the older PS2's. What kind of power adapter do they have? Is it a regular wall-wart that plugs into the PlayStation with a standard round connector? If so, powering it will be simple.

    If the DC adapter is internal to the PS2, then that will be a little more difficult, obviously.


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      It might be easier to just run it off the 12 volt lighter adapter that you can buy. No need to mess with anything, it doesn't sound like a highly custom project.
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        the PS2 has a 2 prong power connector on the back and it takes in AC and then goes straight into the mainboard - any power conversion is done internally and is not a separate part of the unit.

        I had a PS2 in my car a while back and I just used a cheapo 400 inverted wired to a switch and it worked great. You don't need one that big but i would recommend something 150watt or higher - rule of thumb is usually to get an inverter that 1.5 to 2 times the size of what your device needs and according to the PS2 it 79watts


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          I bought a slimline ps2, so i can run straight dc power. I want to install it properly, so not off a cigarette lighter, and have a switch on the dash so i can turn it off. The only reason i wanted an old one is because the tray slides out, as opposed to the flip-up model, but ill sort out something with where i am going to mount it. So what type of inverter/ relay do i need to convert the 12v current to the 8v current for the ps2?