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  • Ramdrives

    Hey, I'm thinking about using a RAM Drive array for my OS parition. What it is basically is an adapter that allows you to use RAM (Yes, ram memory) for long-term storage. What you gain is the ability to boot an untrimmed Install of XP in 5-10 seconds... What you lose is about $100/gig of storage.

    The adapters themselves are like $!50 for a 4 GB max and $300 for a 16GB max, then you need to buy the ram to go into them... It's battery powered, so turning of the machine doesn't wipe your data (until the battery dies), and it's essentially solid-state, like normal SSD drives.

    Anyone tried one of these before?

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    link to said product as i have never heard of this before sounds kinda interesting


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      Oddly enough, Wikipedia doesn't have an entry for ramdrives... But instead, one of the few marketted ones.

      here's an e-bay listing for an ACARD product, which I've never heard of, but supports up to SATA 3.0Gb/s transfer speeds and 32GB of storage.|240%3A1308

      I know they're actually older technology, before SSDs were even suggested to be commercially viable as primary storage... (late 90s, when I first heard about them) and I guess the cost factor has kept its popularity down.


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        haha was looking at these the other day, brought back memories of the screensavers on tech tv(where i first saw these).

        DDR2 is so cheap now that im surprise these havent picked up.
        Core duo
        1tb harddrive
        256 ddr
        8 lilliput

        still installing...