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I am reading a lot about this D945GCLF2...

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  • I am reading a lot about this D945GCLF2...

    One thing i have not read however is how much power it uses. Since the Atom330 processor is built in I looked it up on Chris Hare's page and it says power consumption is only 8W!

    Anyone have any specs on how much power this board uses? I am thinking maybe 20-30W total??? The reason I ask is I'm trying to decide on a power supply.

    Also, any input on how people have hooked this board up to a set of external amps would be appreciated. I am going to be using two amps, one for subs and one for a set of front comps. Both amps will be pretty good SQ and that's what I'm going for so I'm looking for a board that will give me that. Also, if the onboard sound on this board won't do it for good SQ, any recommendations on external sound cards (or PCI ones and a method to attach them securely in a bouncy car?)

    Also, one of the main things I will be using this PC for is mobile penetration testing so solid internet access is a must. I run my own pentesting company and will be using my car as a sales tool to show potential clients how easily their wireless networks could be attacked from the parking lot. I'll probably run either a dualboot system or XP w/ a VM version of Backtrack Linux. Will this mobo/processor/memory combo (if I get 2GB) handle such tasks?

    Thanks for any advice!!!

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    The processor alone consumes 8W, so yeah it'll be much more. Somewhere on the web I've seen wattage consumption comparisons (at idle, loaded down, etc).


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      For me it was a big gain in reduced power consumption. Before I had a VIA EPIA board and I could not play any audio without running the engine. The sub would keep cutting out. Now with this cpu/board, I can run my audio with the engine off. I have not gone for more than ~20min, but haven't had a chance to find out what the time limit is. I'm using an M4 with 2 amps.


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        Good info to have... I doubt I'd ever be running the PC w/ the engine off for any more than 20 min anyway. What are you using for a power supply? I was looking at the Opus 150W


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          mine is running with no acc stuff on, and i can leave it running for an hour now worries, had it running 2 hours and the car still starts.
          the battery i have is generic and nothing special.

          i just turn the screen off to reduce the attraction to the car, and push pause, hop back in after shopping and push play

          i have a 160W genius (m2 sort of thing) which has a low power shut down too.


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            measured my board's power draw just now, during idle, it is drawing up 39W.

            Then ran Prime95, blend test (running both cpu at 100% and using up almost all the memory)
            it is drawing up 48W, that's with USB wifi on, and USB GPS on.
            Running the slim USB DVD drive adds about 7W.

            per the review here,

            figures are about consistent.

            I have it plugged to a PSU test bench, I subtracted the draw from the PSU standalone while it is on, without the PC plugged in. PSU is plugged to Killawatt meter.


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              Alright thanks for the info. I rounded up and estimated 50W for the mobo. I figure with 2 gigs of ram and the mobo at full draw w/ a hard drive/cd drive/all basic hardware stuff running a 160-180W PSU will be plenty

              220W will be overkill but I may spring for that just for the ability to upgrade in the future if I want.

              Edit: and yea haha I read that same review, that's why I rounded up and made it 50


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                just get a car rated dc-dc PSU


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                  Hey guys,

                  I just purchased this board, the D945GCLF2, with integrated Atom 330.

                  Before doing so, i read a tonne of reviews, including the one posted by f1ip, and although results varied from review to review (probably die to varying hardware attached via USB and what-not), I found the following -

                  * CPU - 8W nominal
                  * Intel NB - 20-30 W (varies accross reviews but this is the apparent letdown on the mini-ITX boards ATM
                  * ICH7 SB - 5-7W with 2 SATA and 1 IDE Device.

                  I have mine hooked up on a test bench with an M2-ATX (which doesnt even get warm) - running:

                  * 2GB Kingston DDRII
                  * Wireless USB Mouse / KB
                  * Netgear WG111v2
                  * Globsat BU-353 GPS Mouse
                  * 120 GB WD 2.5" SATA HD
                  * MinTV USB DTV Stick
                  * Panasonic slot load USB DVD RW

                  Note that i DID have to buy the m2-ATX p4 harness seperately, and that although the board has a 24 pin ATX style connector, the older 20 pin job works fine.

                  Quick system, have extensively tested Hibernation and sleep, run it over night, loaded the CPU, definately no issues with hibernation or stability on Win XP Sp3 integrated.. The NB fan is a little on the noisy side, but nothing to be too worried about. I did notice an option to tweak this fan in BIOS - yet to play with it.. Ill wait until the VOOM2 arrives and i can do some temp testing before i do this.

                  Cant say much for onboard sound, i only have a 3.5" to RCA going to my home rig ATM, which sounds OK. Waiting for the SPDIF header plug to come, and of course, ill report back on the onboard sound quality when the whole lot is in the car. I'm expecting a bit of noise as usual from the onboard sound chips.

                  Id also like to extend a warm thank you to all you guys who have posted on this forum before. Im new here but you have all helped me with my choices and planning immensly. Thank you!


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                    Edited...been at work too long, I didn't mean inverter lol.

                    BTW, any input on the other questions in this thread? Will this setup be enough to run virtualization software (VirtualBox, not VMWare) or would I need to do a dual boot? And how bout the audio? Anyone hooked this mobo up to an external set of SQ amps and have feedback (forum feedback, not speaker feedback) :P?


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                      There are some figures of its power consumption here.

                      I use a D945GCLF2 as a file server, and I tried running a virtual machine (XP) on it through VMWare. But no, its too slow to be of any use. Looking at their website, BackTrack however seems very light, so may be it will be okay.

                      2GB will make hibernation very slow by the way. Just something to think about.


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                        mine takes about 30secs to boot from hibernation with 2gb.


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                          Thanks for all the advice guys. I think I'm gonna go with this board. If it isn't what I need I can always upgrade later. This is my first time building a PC so I'd rather go with something that has been used and has support on forums like this, cause I'll inevitably screw something up


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                            Great board - but not if you want a voompc-2!

                            No kidding - Boot from hibernation is almost instantaneous, I dont even see the 'resuming' screen....

                            Hibernating itself does take a good 20 secs though.

                            Im so happy with the resume from Hibernation in fact, that im thinking of doing the rename of the hiberfile.sys to hiberfile.hor -> hibernate once read many - and then setting the m2 to full power down all the time.

                            Funnily enough - after testing and installing and blah blah, my Voom2 arroived this afternoon.. and i tell you what - terrible combo!

                            The ATX power plug on the board is DIRECTLY where the SATA /IDE / Power cables sit for the HDD and the CD/DVD drive.

                            If i actually WANTED an internal optical drive with my current setup - i wuold not be able to make it all work.

                            I ended up screwing a few small 'rubber feet' that i had lying around into the HDD, and trimming to make a tight fit against the bracket, and using the screws str8 into the HDD in the front only - this angles the SATA plugs up and towards the back, and therefore allows the cables to clear the ATX cable.

                            With the m2 - you will also find that the sysfan cable is too short, the ATX cable harness is 10X too long, and the NB fan is smack bang in the middle of everything, making cabling an artform that you're more than likely going to spend hours on!

                            hope its all worth it.. argh! my old via 1000 would have gone in much, much, much much much easier!

                            5 beers and half a pack of winfields later - its all done - extended the fan harness, made the little rubber feet thing work to hold the drive securely, and it runs a treat. To be honest, i dont think i even need both the Voom2 fans.. the Left one (opposite the ATX plug) should be plenty...

                            So guys, the voom2 is an excellent case, well designed, well built, comes with all the little screws that are a pain in the a$$ to find (such as slim cd rom screws), but bugger me if i ever build a system in a voom2 with a d945!

                            Still not in the car yet but will let you all know how the sound goes - im running 2X alpine v12 4ch (bridged front and rear) and a JL mono with 12W0's.

                            my only concern at the moment is the pre-out signal level - my JVC deck had 5V pre-outs - which the alpines are designed for - im seriously worried about what to expect once the intel box is in.. fingers crossed!

                            Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity...


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                              Please tell me your BIOS version?
                              Reason for asking this,is that ,other like you, am not very happy with returning from hibernation.

                              My system takes at least 49 seconds before I can see Centrafuse on my screen.
                              Intel logo appears 22 seconds after powersupply (M2-ATX) gives a signal to mainboard to start up.
                              I suspect that this board does not handle well when you use a PCI card.(i use a ATI 7000 for my headrestscreens)
                              Gods right foot!!

                              Renault Grand Espace 3.5 V6