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Pioneer HU aux-in mod - doable?

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  • Pioneer HU aux-in mod - doable?

    Hi, I have the Pioneer DEHP380 Head unit and read a lot of info floating around modding it for Aux-in support without having to buy overpriced Pioneer peripherals.. All I found was this website but it has no details on how its done exactly.

    3 Questions:
    What equipment do i need?
    Where exactly are the solder points?
    How does the HU go into Aux-in mode after modding?

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    i just recently stumbled upon this:

    it seems like an even better way mod the HU, anybody heard of\tried this technique?


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      I have used the second method with a DEH-P860MP some years ago, from the same website and everything. It worked beautifully.
      More importantly it taught me how useful those PC wires can be for making custom harnesses. I can't even tell you how many times since first discovering this I've used that basic technique


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        ive also used the second method to mod my pioneer deh-5450 (i think?) from the same website. pretty easy to do and works awesome. much cheaper than the pioneer auxin ****.


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          i really like this idea, don't know about the audio quality but I must do it!


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            the pioneer aux in accessory CDRB-10 is exactly the same thing as this made up cable, theres no extra electronics in it (not that i could see anyway). so as long as you have a good connection to the pins on the cd changer out plug you'll be fine. Way better than a FM transmitter and for a fraction of the price of the "official" cable you cant go wrong!


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              if you want to make one yourself then go for it, but just so you know; you can buy pre-made harness with IP-bus and RCA connectors already wired for less than $10 on eBay.
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