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Chinese 2 DIN 7" LCD w/Radio/GPS/Bluetooth all-in-one??

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  • Chinese 2 DIN 7" LCD w/Radio/GPS/Bluetooth all-in-one??

    Hey all,

    I recently found out about these 2 DIN sized radios from China with big touchscreens, radio, GPS, Bluetooth, etc. I guess they run WinCE and people have TomTom, iGo, etc running on them.

    Here's a link to one in particular, but this site seems to have quite a variety:

    I'm curious if anyone here has one or has used one. I can't seem to find out basic things, like what speed is the CPU, does the music/CD volume get muted when the GPS program speaks, or can the buttons map into functions, etc, etc.

    Would be interested to hear what people think about this. I have a CarPC right now but it's not instant on and is a PITA to deal with since it runs standard Windows. Linux is another world of pain.

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    I had a similar one and it sucks...there is no OS like win, it's a standard 2din radio/dvd...

    if u want something with car pc alike functions, don't buy it
    laptop based e46 carpc


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      Why does running Windows make a PC a PITA?

      I can understand your distaste for the PC not being instant-on. But have you actually attempted to do anything about it like try hibernation mode or turning off unneeded services?
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        I've done all that, my CarPC is pretty optimized. But it's a PIII machine which isn't the speediest. I find programs are slow to load, even with a decent amount of RAM. Windows is just too bloated. Linux runs much more quickly, but there aren't any generally available GPS routing programs for Linux, everything has to be run through WINE.

        These WinCE machines have become very hackable, they're instant-on and the functionality is dedicated to this stuff. There's a big community dedicated to hacking the cheapo GPS units you can buy for $100-ish.

        The Chinese all-in-one unit is attractive to me since it's purpose built for this and also includes the radio, but I'd hate to be the first guy to get one and find out what about it is disappointing.


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          I don't know what the street price for that Chinavision unit it, but I could see a sweeping upgrade of your PC to something newer & faster like an Intel Little Valley board and 1GB RAM for under $150.

          You can get an Atom-based board with RAM and CPU heatsink from Logic Supply for just over $100.

          I would imagine that to be far cheaper than even the cheapest all-in-one unit.

          You should be able to retain all your accessories and have a faster computer. It wouldn't be instant-on, but it would be far superior to what you have now.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            Hi gpscrazy,
            I have one of the all-in-one units very similar to the one in the link you provided. I've had it for about 6 months and it works very well. I had a carpc (little valley) for about 1 1/2 years but it did become a pain. The deal breaker was that the HD radio unit never performed very well. This unit has decent radio, dvd, gps (Route66), plays mp3's from SD card (behind flip out screen) or from USB stick. It also has AUX inputs, and input for rear camera. WinCE is only used for the GPS portion. I have it connected to an Infinity 5350a amp and Infinity speakers. The only thing I don't like about the unit is the interface. It looks very generic and I would like to upgrade (personalize) it if possible. I'd be glad to answer any other questions. Nanner