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ipod lineout solution?

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  • ipod lineout solution?

    Since my Ipod video has terrible audio quality coming in from the 'phones' output I want to get a direct line-out and car charger combo..

    Im stuck between the Monster Cable Ultra-Low Profile iPod iCharger and the Belkin Auto Kit with Dock Connector.. They both charge and provide a crisp line-out, thing is -
    I've read a few reviews on both ends claiming that in some cases charging it would cause all sorts of static noise...

    Does it have to charge in order to use the lineout?
    From your experiences which one would you recommend or is there a better solution altogether?

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    If your using a CarPC just use the standard USB docking cable. I use that and with Roadrunner and you just plug in any ipod and it comes up in the audio browser.


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      Line out quality should be fine as long as you set the volume to a low setting, try it.