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amp makes thump when turned on.

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  • amp makes thump when turned on.

    Yea, i'm a car audio nut, but new to the pc world of it all. here's what happens.
    i turn the car on, pc boots, touch screen turns on. amp turns on. windows boots. THUMP. i drive away holding my ears.

    What's happening is that the soundcard is sending a signal to the amp while it's turned on, thus creating the thump. I was told that I needed a special relay that waited about a minute to turn the amp on so the signal wouldn't get sent to the speakers and the sub. in a regular setup, the fix is painfully obvious. in my car, my pc doesn't have a remote line or anything like that, the remote from the amp is hooked into a 12v constant. (bought the car from a friend) I just don't know which relay, how to wire it, where to get it, etc. I'd really really appreciate perhaps a diagram or something on how to fix this issue..

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    bump please?


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      Did you solve this? because im having the same problem


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        *Are both 12v lines connected to a power switch?

        *On the amp I have seen RCA plugs just barely touching the case, pull the RCA plug out a bit.
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          use this

          simple solution ever.


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            What PSU are you using to power your computer? The reason why I ask is because some PSU's have a remote turn on for the amps already built into them. Using this remote turn on will eliminate the thump.


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              Turn on thump. Discussed ad nauseum on the forum.

              What are you using signal for a turn on signal for your amp?

              If its just 12v acc, there's your problem. The amp is powering up when you start the car, but your pc has not initialized the sound card. The amp is "instant on", the PC is not.

              What are you using to power the PC? Smart controllers (like my dsatx) have the ability to send and amp on signal with an adjustable delay to prevent the thump.

              There's also an old thread around about using the serial port to delay the amp powering up.

              At any rate, you need to delay to power on signal to the amp somehow until the PC has initialized.

              good luck.
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                This will work for you.
                Search for AmpCtrl


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