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Q8200 vs Q9300

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  • Q8200 vs Q9300

    This is actually for my desktop... not my car pc, although I am building it on a MINI-ITX motherboard and case.

    The problem...
    I bought a Core 2 Quad Q8200 for $189.99 a couple days ago and of course now another retailer is offering the Q9300 for $179.99. Is it worth it to pay the 15% restocking fee and shipping (about $14) to return the Q8200 and pickup the Q9300?

    Performance difference...

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    I dunno about the OC'ing of those processors, but I run my Q6600 (2.4Ghz) at 3.6Ghz (H2O) with no problems...
    I'd say stick with what you got...
    Or Ebay the sucka'...I wouldn't pay ANYTHING to return it. Restocking fee...Pfff!!


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      Yeah... that's kinda my thought. Restocking fee and having to basically totally take apart my pc to make the swap... makes me think that it might not be worth the little bit of performance increase.

      Considering that my old desktop was a CeleronM and my CarPC is a CeleronM... the Q8200 is a pretty big jump in performance.