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Cool new in-dash cases and screen mounts

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  • Cool new in-dash cases and screen mounts

    I just found this:

    The in dish 2-din mini-itx cases are nice. The in-dash screen mounts are cool to but nothing that fits my car.

    Sorry if this has been posted before but I searched and didn't see it.


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    If it's old news, I haven't seen it before. That really helps push me in the car-pc direction, as they have parts for my Mazda 3 on there! It would be awesome to fit everything in the DD case!

    Can anyone comment on the LCDs they include with their combo case/lcd kit? I'm looking for basically the best LCD I can get.



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      They are a relatively new player in this market, but it's certainly not what I would consider "breaking news".
      Their double DIN frames are darn good, from what I understand.

      The LCDs are off-the-shelf Lilliput models. They use either the EBY701 or the 629, both manufactured by Lilliput.
      There is much discussion about both models on these forums, including user experience and opinions.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Any other Double Din cases?

        So, I was disappointed to find out that bybyte won't have any of the MiniITX in-dash cases in stock until March of 09. Does anyone know of anyone else who makes a case like this?


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          I'm considering having our sheet metal/fabrication shop cut some of these for me. We have a plasma table - it doesn't make as clean cuts as a water-jet, but it can pump out a bunch of these pretty quickly. The time is in setting it up and then doing the bending/spot-welding.


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            Thats the only Mini-itx in-dash case I have seen (not including home made ones).