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Will the VIA SN18000 work for me

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  • Will the VIA SN18000 work for me

    I want to start by saying I really appreciate these forms. I am in the planning stage of my build and was wondering the the VIA SN18000 would work. I want to set up a Linux based system with dual video zones (one in the front for navigation and on in the back for DVD playback and light gaming i.e. SNES emulation). According to VIA's website ( it looks like it will handle the dual video zones but I haven't seen any reviews confirm this. Also the SN18000 is a little on the expensive side so I am open to suggestions for a cheaper MB that will do the same thing. Other features I likes about the SN18000 are the compact flash slot and the mini-pci slot (I can do without these if another board is cheaper) If at all possible I would like to avoid adding a separate graphics card because I am trying to fit everything in the dash. Thanks in advance for your help