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Volvo RTI Motherboard issue

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  • Volvo RTI Motherboard issue

    Hey guys, im totaly new to this area but ive studied computers and i know how to build them fairly good.

    Now the issue.

    I have a volvo v70 Modelyear 2004, it has a builtin navigationsystem called RTI (road trafic information) The RTI models 2004 spanning to early 2005 were flawed and had a issue with broken DVD readers, and so my unit joined to road to destruction calling off all com with my dvd unit after it failed working. now im left with 2 options. either buy a replacement RTI (at the tiny price of 600€) or try to repair it.

    the RTI runs at windows CE 2.1 and has mainly 2 external chips. i will add a photo of the place were you connect the DVD player, if anyone has any idea of were i ither can find a simular DVD player with the same contacts. or find an adapter so i can use normal DVD player i would be extreamly happy. the thrid option ive thought of was to put in a USB connector, giving me the chance of putting the RTI Maps on a USB stick and then never having to worry about that again.

    i am even willing to rebuild the pc BUT i do not want to change anything in the interface etc. i want it to be totaly standard and i want it to fit in my car without issus.

    i would be extreamly happy for ANY help you guys can give me.!
    Tommy / Sweden


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    You could order a replacement laser pickup from this place:

    I have done it myself, and that solved all my DVD problems, including reading burned DVD-copies.



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      its not the laserpickup that is broken, its the DVD unit (as shown above) is broken, i gave it a bit of overload an burned some engines, besides its the engine that move the laserpickup that was broken from the start (i.e the laser would not move)