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Cost of a decent car pc?

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  • Cost of a decent car pc?

    I have been researching double din head units for my car lately and thought i would take a look at the car pc world. Would $700 get me very far in buying a car pc? Do you use a seperate head unit or only your car pc for music? Would a car pc be worth it for about 700 dollars or should i stick to the double din head unit idea?

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    There's someone on here selling a complete kit for eight benjamins. From what I can recall it's a decent setup.

    What kind experience do you have tinkering with the innards of a computer?

    Essentially, to answer your question, what do you want the carPC to do? Give us lots of details so that we can offer you better advice.
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      As dMand said we need more information...
      BTW I have for sale motherboard with CPU&ram and other components from which you can build 2DIN carpc...


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        I would like a CD/DVD drive bluetooth and maybe gps and a OBDII reader would be cool later on. I have built a few desktop PCs and i know how everything fits together.

        What do you mean 2 din car pc? Will it fit behind the screen in my dash? Are there any enclosures made for that?


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          DIN refers to the size of the slot where your headunit fits in the console. Generally, it comes in two flavours: single-DIN and double-DIN. If you go to your local car audio store and pickup a basic car CD player, it will fit in a single-DIN slot. If you pickup a a DVD player with LCD for your car, it will most probably fit in a double-DIN space.

          What car do you currently have?
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