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    Firstly im not completely sure if this is right place for this thread, (MODS please move if incorrect).

    I have been lurking on theese forums for sometime and am very very close to having my carPC up and running, when it is, its worklog time. However I may be changing cars very soon, to something more suitable for my road trip mid 2009 (whole reason for carPC).

    The car I may be getting is a '00 Hyundai Coupe 1.6 in red (Tiburion in states i think). It comes with 115BHP ish out of the factory and has good handling features. I will fit with new slightly wider alloys and some Toyo Proxies or Yoko Parada's depending on final cost (or mebe even some falken zein if budget gets really tight). I will also fit a modest air intake to boost breathing, probs an exhaust (as much aesthetic as performance), which will probs be the twin exhaust from the V6 model, but with a capristo exhaust valve to keep noise down bellow 3,500 RPM. Some Coilovers, 2.0L MAF sensor, and a few other bits here or there.

    The carpc is an eee 701, 4GB SSD model with 8GB SD Card Class 6 for extra storage, a lilliput 7" (either flipout or normal depending on my suppliers reply) i have this paid for already, also i have an Alpine iPod headunit with a 3.5mm jack adapter cable. I also have a 2.5" 160GB HDD a 7Port Hub and a 4 Port hub, two car adapters, (one for back up) and a 4way cigarette socket adapter, GPS and Bluetooth.

    I am definately a bit of a gadget guy and so i want to include some practical and some unnesary gear in it.

    The reason for this thread is some advice on kit and also on ways of 'integrating' it. Im sure uve all seen Team Polizei 144, if not check them out( google the name) and there infamous M5, all the kit u could want (bar a car pc), i want a really low key version of that basically.

    So on my primary list is;

    1 Valentine One (looking at mirror integration)
    2 CB radio (on order, i want advice on a retractable aerial)
    3 Scanner (probs a uniden)
    4 iPhone (got 1 probs have two soon as im upgrading to 3g, for use with G-Force and Trapster)
    5 Satnav is in CarPC Using pc navigator 8 (good europe maps)
    6 M25 Laser Blinder kit
    7 Backup satnav

    Now most if not all of this kit will be run off cigarette sockets, but as i have an amp and sub (upgrading speakers) i may well get an uprated altenator, and 2nd battery.

    Im looking for advice on people whove had this kit or know of it, and like or dislike it. The Road trip is as I said the main reason for it. Which is gonna be 3 weeks long all round europe (stop at NurbergRing) covering around 8/9000 miles. So any car mods suggested need to be fuel efficent, the guy im hopefully buying the car from gets really good econmy from 1.6, and im basing fuel costs on 30MPG, so thats around 85/90 as standard with carefull acceleration, which is a great speed.

    Soz for the long post.

    All suggestions welcome