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Disecting a GL701 Liliput for custom install

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  • Disecting a GL701 Liliput for custom install

    I know that a few of you have done it, so please tell what is involved. Mine has a couple of broken drive gears for the motorized in and out so I am just going to install all the guts inside the dash and mount he monitor in the dash. What needs to be done to make it work as far as the micro switches and what not so that it will power up without the motors? I'm doing this on th e weekend to I need to gather the info and save some time.
    Data911 M5 system
    RR and iGo8PC
    Pioneer head unit
    Pioneer DEQ-9200 digital processor
    Phoenix gold line drivers
    Ultimate and Visonik amplifiers
    SMT 3 way active front stage
    Digital Design sub woofers
    3 runs of 0 gauge wire