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Touchscreen disappearing

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  • Touchscreen disappearing

    I got to say that computers are evil and I hate them all.

    Finally my touchscreen (DennisK) and serial mouse have learned to live in peace. The mouse is on the onboard serial port and the touchscreen is on a USB to serial hub (made by Entrega) on COM 2. When I start up everything is great and as long as I don't run any programs that are processor intensive then everything works great. Now after playing a couple songs in Winamp 3 then the touch stops working and no longer is recognized by the touch software. This also happens when playing a DVD after a couple seconds.

    Why would the touch drop off like that with no return? I have a P2 350 with 256 MB RAM and built in video (8MB).

    So confused.

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    Come on, no one has a guess?


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      it has no PS/2 port? If it does have one, what happens if you try it with a ps/2 mosue instead of a serial mouse? What if you run the touchscreen with the onboard serial port, and the mouse from the hub?



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        Does the touch screen die if you just keep the computer on but not running anything ?



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          What OS are you running?

          Maybe it's giving up on the USB port..
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