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    Hey guys, yes I'm new to this but I have been reading alot. and have noticed that alot of people have been trouble with the M4ATX boards, and well I dont know where to get any other type of motherboards and do not know what other type of motherboards there are. Also I still dont completely understand how to decide on which motherboard to select for what I am wanting. So can somebody please point me in the right direction as to where to get other types of motherboards and suggest what type of motherboards would be good for what I am wanting in my carpc. This is what I am wanting it to be able to support and would like for it to be fast and be able to hold alot of memory, virtually everything excluding video games. Now mind you I have a loud stereo system which is not cheap by any means, but would like my carpc to be able to play it on a daily basis if only it has better specs then my current HU if not then excluding music as well.


    * Play music from CDs, hard drive (MP3s, other compressed files) or external device (USB/PCI FM radio receiver, etc.)
    * Benefits over a head unit with music file (MP3/WMA) playback:

    * Support for additional formats, such as loss-less OGG, as well as DRM-protected files (via iTunes or WMP).
    * Faster indexing of songs (useful when there are hundreds or thousands of songs).
    * Ability to directly download songs (via cellular data connection, or Wifi if close to an access point).
    * Faster, easier playlist management


    * Play video from DVDs, VCDs, or from the hard drive.
    * Install DLP or LCD projector to create a mobile "drive-in" movie theater.
    * Create a mobile video production system (Capability to pull video from a camera, edit it, compile it, and burn it to DVD).
    * Real time monitoring of webcam and/or DVR video feeds, & can be reason enough to install a webcam or DVR.
    * View over the air tv channels (regular and HD) with a tv tuner.

    Audio Tuning via Software

    * Use ASIO to allow you to use VST plugin effects.
    * More Advanced Equalizer - parametric or up to 61 bands of adjustment.
    * Crossovers and filtering to run an active crossover system dividing the audio frequencies and sending them to specific speakers.
    * Time Alignment to delay sound coming from different speakers in different locations, but make it appear as if the sound is coming from a central location or more realistic soundstage.
    * RTA or Real Time Analyzer helps you smooth out the frequency response of your system by measuring the response with a microphone and software to aid in adjusting your EQ.

    GPS Integration

    * Provide GPS Tracking/location tracking, route planning and GPS navigation, etc.
    * Using your GPS receiver, store logs of locations vs speed and time of day. This could be uploaded to a collaborative site for predicting travel times vs time of day (very useful in areas where freeway congestion is variable).
    * Provide real-time tracking of vehicle location.
    * Get live traffic data (requires GPS that supports this feature)
    * Combined with wireless internet use mapping software (e.g. Google Earth) or web pages with live display or to route or do geographic searches.

    Satellite Radio

    * Satellite radio through external receivers.
    * View XM's NavTraffic via your carpc.

    Wireless Internet

    Note: This topic includes both wireless cellular services such as GSM, Edge, and EVDO as well as local wireless ethernet Wifi (802.11, access point) connections which are different and should not be confused).

    * Internet browsing through an eligible cell phone or wireless 802.11 connection.
    * Wireless synchronization of files between desktop and carpc.
    * Wardrive: Use your 802.11 b or g wireless connection and GPS, locate and log locations of wireless access points.
    * Use broadband internet phone options with cellular data card (Note that quality will be limited since cellular data normally has high latency).
    * Download traffic/weather information from internet.
    * Wireless Mobile Routers (e.g. Kyocera KR1) when used with a wireless broadband card can turn your car into a wireless access point.

    Cell Phone Control

    * Hands free cell phone control via software with Bluetooth.
    * Connect to a mobile phone or other device using Bluetooth (useful for voice and data communications and synchronizing with PDA's, etc.)
    * Send & Receive text messages via your connected cellular phone using your carpc
    * Enhanced contact list with large pictures

    On-Board Diagnostics

    * Connect with your car's OBD-II, J-1850, CAN, i-Bus, or Consult interface and display real-time data on all diagnostic information available. (RPM/Temps/Speedometer/etc.)
    * Pull and clear error codes immediately.
    * Find 0-60, 0-100, 60-0, 100-0, 1000', 1/8 mi, and 1/4 mi times (Use GPS to mark ideal performance testing sites)
    * Find vehicle horsepower and torque
    * View live data with graphs of fuel injector pulse widths, knock adjustments, O2 sensors, etc.


    * Display video from car mounted camera for backing up. (infrared cameras are available for backing up at night)
    * Record video from a webcam/mini-dv camera and store it to the carpc for later perusal. (good for recording close calls on the freeway - setup a rolling buffer which stores the last X minutes on button press)
    * Provide night vision capability with infrared cameras.
    * Process video from car in real-time using image recognition software. Capture license plates and store in database with GPS location.

    Vehicle Control

    * Control windows and locks via relays.
    * Control Climate Control via software.
    * Control exterior show lights (under glows and accent lights) via relays.</br></br>[*] Gain control of ignition timing, air/fuel maps, shift points, boost control, top speed, rev limits, etc. (WARNING: This requires a thorough knowledge of vehicle systems and should only be attempted by qualified individuals)

    Other Devices

    * Radar Detectors (e.g. the Valentine V1 by using the remote display)
    * Add a small printer to print a map for someone else, or print a quick report for work.
    * Media players via remote control
    * PDAs

    Thank You

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    Oh, and the M4ATX is a power supply, not a motherboard.


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      That board is really good I'm using it for a desktop I build a couple of months ago. with 4 GB's of ram and a Dual Core Processor it runs pretty well think it would be great for carpc solution