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  • Aussie radio options

    Hey there. Im in Australia and I have been putting up with a silabs usb radio in my car and I am wondering what options are out there that I can replace my usb radio with?

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    I'm trying to get the HQCT module running at the moment. I have also been told the Visteon HDZ300 is also a good unit. I will try everything to the HQCT running properly, if that fails, might try the Visteon... Which state are you in?


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      I am in Victoria. I have heard that the Visteon works pretty well.


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        If you have a look at the HD Radio Cables Reday thread ( will find some comments from some Aussies about the Visteon saying it worked very well for FM, however picking up AM is not possible. It's a shame it cannot pick up Aussie Digital radio as that would be the ultimate.


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          same pickle here looking at installing an old fm tuner from the late 80's and putting it in the glove box they dont take up alot of room only prob is no pc control but will have to do until australia catches up with the rest of the world

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            A mate of mine put a car PC in his Mazda3. He removed the factory headunit from its original location and put in the glove box and rerouted the cables there. He installed his car PC (a laptop) in the trunk, and fitted a Lilliput LCD in the double din slot made available by the removal of the factory headunit. The car PC is connected to his factory headunit through the auxiliary input. So he can still listen to the radio and CDs like normal. He was supposed to put an external DVD player in the front somewhere, but I'm not sure if he's done it yet.

            That's something to consider if you have another space for your factory headunit.
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              I use a silabs with external aerial,works ok in melb. but still not hu quality.Have also been mucking around with an old hu, i have hacked the front panel and soldered wires on the station select,scan am/fm etc buttons(or where the buttons used to be)and have stripped the tuner part out of the case, the switching of stations will be handled by a fusion brain the skin will be set up like a radio skin, the stations will have to be preprogrammed,although someone a lot smarter than me could probably get a fusion brain to read the frequency from the hacked headunit.Havent got the spare cash for the brain yet ,so far just using old relays and switching manually.will obviously be a problem when out of station range,have to get in the boot and program some new stations!!