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Pioneer deh-p6400 aux mode problems. Help!

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  • Pioneer deh-p6400 aux mode problems. Help!

    I recently purchased an IP-Bus cable to allow me to connect my mp3 player to my pioneer dehp6400 head unit. After hooking up the mp3 to the aux in using IP-Bus cable and an rca adaptor cable,I get sound when the Aux mode is selected, but no contol over the audio. In addition, I am only getting sound out of the front speakers. I have read the owners manual over and over, and can find nothing regarding this. It is almost as if the audio controls are bypassed. You would think there would be a simple setting to correct this but I can find none. Volume control does nothing. when I turn the volume above "1", I get whatever sound the mp3 player is outputting, and have to turn the volume all the way up on my mp3 just to get decent volume. bass, treble, eq, loudness, etc... all do nothing in aux mode. Also, when I switch to cd or tuner, and leave the mp3 player running, I get sound from both sources. What the heck?? Can anyone help?