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using head unit to control/display from pc...

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  • using head unit to control/display from pc...

    I have a kenwood kdc-mpv619 head unit, and in the back of it it has a connector for a kenwood cd changer or an optional aux input. i am wondering how i could go about reverse engineering this so that i could use this for display/control of an in car pc, instead of using an LCD screen and a number pad or something similiar. anyone have any ideas or links to point me in the right direction? Thank you

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    This topic has been discussed so many times. short answer is no. It hasnt been done yet. I don't think it will be for a long time. The people who know more about the changer protocol would probably the head unit designers and engineers at Kenwood in Japan.

    You should search the forum on changer protocol.
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      The gnunilink project has sucessfully had a Sony headunit controlling Winamp, but that is about the limit.
      There are plenty of companies that have reverse engineered the various protocols, so it is possible but you stand little chance of getting that information from them.