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Trying to boot onto a CF card

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  • Trying to boot onto a CF card

    Ok read through the sticky and done a search but can find anything similer.

    basically i cloned my hard disc to a sandisk 4 gb ultra 2 (genunie 1) using active disk imager, ( ive used this image plenty of time when ever ive tried to make changes ) now it posts then freezes before the 1st boot screen for XP, ursor flashing in the top LH corner.
    anybody any ideas.

    tried using a CF to sata adaptor And CF to IDE both do the exact same, awaiting a second card to arrive incase this is a duff as when i used another old old (4gb) HD oit booted up no problems

    also tried to install straight onto the cf card but it kept coming up disc error after copying the files and restarting windows.

    Many Many thanks in advance
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    sorry should also have said that those coloured squares arnt normally there.

    also when i plug th CF-SATA adaptor into my caddy - on the laptop,vista, it still shows as a removable drive all the time.
    where as on the desktop, XP, it shows as a Removable drive until after i cloned the drive where apon it showed as an actual hard disc
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      it will show as a removable drive if its connected to usb or firewire and only show as an extra drive via ide or sata


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        um just curious by the looks of it, Aint this a "invalid display" error as in resolution that is not supported? does this image kinda scroll across the screen or flicker and if u move the mouse the white squares move?

        I could just be a little tipsy atm, If not and it is the fault... F8-Enable VGA Mode
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        Base System = Raspberry Pi
        Everything else is pending for now as switched from a Mini-ITX setup


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          not suremayhem the squares sit still if i hit the keyboard at current there was no mouse installed.
          just seemed weird that when i put the same image onto another hard disc it worked no problem so scrubbed the CF card reformatted it to NFTS and wrote the image to it again.
          same thing again. will try it with a mouse attached and try again later if i get time or tomorrow if i dont.

          corrie - in the same sata caddy it shows as a local disc on xp along with c,d and e (second HD is partitioned) where as it showed as removable in vista

          cheers guys will let you know how i get on
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            ok tried with a mouse no difference. tried booting into safe mode F8 with no luck.
            second time however i got text NTLDR is missing.

            hopefully my new card arrives tomorrow (cheaper brand this time, but slightly faster) so can try the image again
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              ok new card rrived late royal mail is great as usual.

              right new card didnt take to the image ether however after being formated to NTFS it allowed me to install windows, yip i know this isnt a great idea due to the number of writes, apart from taking around an hour to install rather than the 25 mins or so that it did originally it booted up no problem.
              just need to install the drivers and software along with ewf then hopefully im done

              might see if i can copy it back to the sandisc as well for a back up
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                gooner!YES!Finally someone took the PLUNGE!It worked for you as it did for me too.I used a thin client with a 52X ridata CF card 1gb with a WinXP pro SP3 nlited to 212mb with just the board drivers and ewf stuff.Yes some of those cf cards are truly too cheap and the controller in them is what does not allow it to work.Has nothing to do with MLC limited writes or the such.I did try the image copy thing and while it worked find but stuttery in SANDISK 1gb ultra 2,it was only working on AMD boards not INTEL!3 years later I tried it on the ridata 1gb thin client VIA and it worked as a straight install TWICE!!See I integrated the wrong audio driver the first time so I had to really find that darn VIA AC97 audio from the mini itx board site instead of viaarena site.It worked right after that with no stuttering.Ridata not SANDISK.Sandisk is set to removable and will NEVER set to fixed without much tweaking with registry and the hitachi microdrive driver.Also since you are using CF cards,you really need to invest in DISK ON MODULE instead!Straight IDE interface and is made for OS installs and IS a FIXED DISK(duh DOMs are for industrial and military PCs).Prices are higher than comperable CF but are SLC chips and WILL work the FIRST TIME with no fudging around.Boot time at the windows XP boot screen on the CF card was 1 second,and less than that on the IDE DOM drive.My XP setup also included removing the page file,uncheck INDEXING in the C drive,and set the EWF filter only AFTER installing and customizing windows and apps.From now on check ebay or google for INDUSTRIAL FLASH.Industrial CF cards and DOMs work the same way and are set FIXED DISK and have SLC chips.Now for the SSD drives that so many are buying,me included.MLC will install just like a HDD and it actually has more writes endurance than the 10k per sector/cell.What you want to avoid is doing installs too much like any other thing in life,it all goes some day.I bought a transcend 32gb sata2 ssd mlc drive and it is still in the box unused..I use the cheaper 2gb SLC DOMs and even cheaper 1gb cf cards.That $69 SSD will wait.Hey mama didnt raise no fool


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                  cheers for the extra info mate. ended up just using the Hard disc as found th CF card was booting in the same time. and got sick of taking 4 times as long to install anything

                  might get one when i rebuild the system

                  had a quick look for the DOM and found there quite cheap, 28 for 2 gb
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                    yes indeed!DOMs are JUST like HDDs but flash so that is always best unless you use INDUSTRIAL COMPACT FLASH which is like a HDD cf cards are not good idea it seems so mid range(sandisk,ridata,lexar)to high end(LEXAR PRO,SANDISK,RIDATA industrial,other brands for INDUSTRIAL)is the best bet for this since in the beginning when cf cards were used on PCs it was the military and industry that used them along with DOMs and Disk on CHIP(m-systems).For future referances since the regular HDD WILL fail in a car(heat and vibration),you must use a DOM or newer SSD drive or a industrial cf card.I myself bought a real ssd drive for $69 32gb but I won't experiment with it so it is unused and I use 2gb DOMs I paid real cheap on ebay.There is an even OLDER technology made for the military in the early days of flight PCs known as RAM DRIVES(REAL RAM DRIVES not software in windows or MAC).These where SCSI Flash SLC drives with real ram slots for using system type ram and a lithium battery to backup the data once power is removed.What happens with these drives is this,you get instant read and instant writes,unlimited reads and unlimited writes,cool operation and since the ram was soldered on,vibration resistance!The OS and apps ran in the ram drive and then would periodically save the a flash nand part of the drive(like on professional music keyboard synths and workstations).if power was removed all the sudden like in a crash(software or God forbid,a real crash),the drive would save all ram data and last state BEFORE the crash or power removal,to the flash portion which matched the size of soldered on ram.How much were these drives in 2002 when I last saw a price and gave up on the dream??$10,000 for a 9.1gb scsi ultra-2 68pin with 9.1GB soldered on ram to match!Welcome to 2009!!Check ebay for RAM DRIVE and you will see a commercial version from iRAM(4gb)and from another brand(48GB and 64GB).These newer drives use DDR1 and DDR2 ram modules and CF cards combinations with lithium battery backup for the ram.Cost for the 64GB expandable drive?$360.BUT you have to supply the ram and the CF card too!So the price quickly jumps to $2000 since a 64GB industrial CF card is about $600,the drive module is $360 and 64gb worth of ddr2 2gb ram modules is $960!!But better than $10,000 and is faster and longer lasting than any flash technology to date!Hope that sheds more light.Cars need soldered on ram type ram drives with flash for vibration and crash resistance(real crashes).


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                      ha your prices are cheap a 32gb ssd is 220 so around $310. only found 1 uk seller of the DOMs on ebay rest were all from hongkong. found a good few selling the 4gb for around 35-40 so there not bad.

                      the iram 4gb however was 130 for a second hand one, with ram. downside of these is the price for starters as i was building this car pc for under 300 ($420) all in. managed it but wanting something more reboust than currently have. also dont use the car everyday as car share so car may only be driven every other day. the lithium batterys supplied only give 16hrs, so would possibly need to get another 2 in parrell with it to store the data long enough. eather that or would have to solder on a lot of resistors and make sure the voltage from the battery is made lowenough to keep in a state.

                      cheers for the ideas thou, serious considering the DOM seeing how cheap they are
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