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'05 Subaru Legacy Factory Nav Screen

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  • '05 Subaru Legacy Factory Nav Screen

    Not another noob, style question, I've been a long time lurker of these forums, and have spent many fruitless hours scouring the Interweb to answer this simple question.....

    How do I use the Factory Nav Screen in my 2005 Legacy for other purposes ie. PC or DVD etc.........?

    Is this NAVTOOL the only commercial solution out there ?
    Costing $350 plus shipping !!?? It is listed as a 2006 onwards, option bt I don't thik the Nav system changed greatly?

    Any suggestions ?

    Yes I have searched but found nothing concrete...!

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    Yeah thought as much.............bump


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      first thing to do is go to your local subi dealer and cross reaference the navigation units to see if yours in your 05 is in fact the same as the one in a 06. if it is then yet the interface will work for you.. but not without some restrictions.. fromthe link you gave .. the manufactuer did not say if it supported touchscreen. and i dont know if your screen is touchscreen or not.. but if it is... it probally will not work with the car pc.. being that the adapter manufacuter most likely wont have drivers for you to controll it or hookups... its probally just for dvd players and backup cams or vid. games. it will most likely have a composite video hookup and (maybe) a hookup for stereo sound.
      from there you would probally need some sort of pointing device.. being im sure its possible but noone wants to drive with a wheel in one hand and a mouse in the other. do you think its woth the price? if so make sure your vid card is able use composite out. and work on the rest starting there.