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Micro-ATX Motherboard and CPU support

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  • Micro-ATX Motherboard and CPU support

    This will be my first car pc setup, so many things are not so clear to me. The first problem I have is which motherboard to use with my processor Core 2 Duo T8300 which is Socket P. I found motherboard in newegg, but it has Socket LGA 775, so it will not be compatible.
    Does anybody know any Micro-ATX motherboards that support mobile processors, or should I go for Mini-ITX. You can post recommendations for a good motherboard to use for my setup.

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    The Commell boards LS-372 and LS-373 use Socket P, but you're going to pay a pretty penny for them to the tune of at least $300. Those are the only 2 I'm aware of.