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New 2 Din Pc Way over Priced

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  • New 2 Din Pc Way over Priced

    I have been holding off putting a system in my new car to replace the system I had in my truck I wanted to go with a all in one unit so i was waiting for Portal Media Pc to come out with there systems but D*** they are just to over priced take a look at the link, I say there over priced because they are only sporting a 600 mhz processor common they can do better than that.

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    Have you looked how much the Guru costs? That's about on-par to the pricing scale vs hardware.
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      Not so expensive, but why only 600MHz?

      You can just fabricate a screen to fit your OEM double din area and have a seperate box for the system.

      I don't like single units because they have a single point of failure.


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        I here what your sayin malcom2073 but compare the specs the guru have a 1.87 mhz core duo processor and 4gb memory this system is 600 mhz and 512 mb look at the specs for most software and front ends you will be lucky if it will run without a great lag in the software, if anything this system should be priced at around $700 $800 not $1300 bills man thats way to crazy.