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Three Flat Pannel monitors in a Car?

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  • Three Flat Pannel monitors in a Car?

    Hello, and yes, I did read ALL the FAQ and more, did a search and well nothing matched my situation.

    Please excuse me if I didn’t find the same result and this topic was already covered.


    I have a brand new Laptop great battery life and we just moved to Japan last month (I'm a DOD Civilian with the Army).

    Got me a sweet *** car/van, and I want to "install" two 15" LCD PC monitors facing outboard one left and one right at the small back windows of… and one 22” LCD PC monitors facing out the back, the 22” will “hover” over the far back area where the sub woofers, amps, and cross over, etc. will be. …all in the back of my Mazda Premacy (in the USA it's called a Mazda 5):

    Yes the steering wheel is on the right side. We’re in Japan.

    Anyhow, I did find this link of the forums very helpful,… had a close to that idea:

    HOW TO: Get sound from PC to Car Stereo / Amp

    because all I need to do is figure how to power the three LCD monitors the best way possible… because I’ll use my laptop (with battery as the power) to send video to the monitors and audio to the car stereo, the car stereo will take that audio and send it to the amps and speakers, etc.

    (yes, I’m going to take the laptop in and out of the car, when I get to work, home, etc. Okinawa is one HOT *** place on the planet!) anyhow, the laptop will be the “Upgraded / special drive time” audio/video source and …

    A. When I don’t have my “CarPC” (AKA: Laptop) in the car/van, my normal head unit, with my MP3 Player adapter or CD or Radio or TV will do me fine, and BTW the Mazda Navigation / DVD / TV/ Radio / CD system KICKS *** as is, can’t wait to just get the amps and speakers built in the back. Muahahaha!

    B. Back to the laptop - It will send (thanks to the links with the splitters, muahaha!) - Audio to the car stereo via the IPod adapter that I’m getting install next weekend ($50.00 installed at the local AutoBacs, car parts place).

    C. The laptop will ALSO send VIDEO to the 3 LCD monitors and people will see the, ….

    1. Music video with the sound

    2. Screen Saver all freaky and what not with the music.

    3. Picture slide show, while I play music, say a tribute to 9/11 or a hot female singer?

    4.. Or I can type crap on the PC in say Peer point and make it the slide show… like…






    So, it’d be simple just to say "Hey SGT_OKINAWA go buy a few audio splitters like the links says, some video splitters for the VIDEO OUT of your laptop AND a power converter DC TO AC and you are all set?"

    However, I wanted to run this past the thousands of members here and see where I’m missing something or going to fry my car battery trying to power 3 LCDs at once?

    What type, make model, etc. of a power inverter / converter (Sorry i don't know the lingo) to buy?

    Lastly, if this is not a topic and I need to direct my question to another forum, please let me know.

    Thank you for any help or advice.
    Very Respectfully,

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