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  • Looking for a touchscreen....

    Hi all. Ive been a member for a while but havent posted much but im gonna jump in. Ive been wanting to build my carpc for a while but for lack of money i have not built it yet. I have an old gateway with a PIIII and 256mb ram. i also have a spare 500gb HD. thats my basis. im going to change it to another smaller case. Right now im using my zune through a aux input but i would like to build a full featured Car pc with GPS, touchscreen, internet, wireless card, and a removable HD that i can take inside and add new tunes, videos, pics.... etc. my problem is i have a small amount of space. now as you can see in the pic i can modify the bezel around the radio to make room for a good sized touchscreen, but i dont want to lose my FM/AM. so my question is.. is there a in dash radio, with front, rear, and sub preouts, and a decent size no glare touchscreen, that is good quality? now i know a few years back when i was looking on here there was no plausible usb or pci fm radio tuner available for the computer. if that has changed please let me know, because in that case i would just eliminate the HU all together. in the mean time im going to look around and relearn the stuff ive forgoten since ive been here last. i dont remember it anymore because ive slept since then.... lol

    oh, btw. my car is a 1990 cadillac eldorado. here are a few current pics.

    thanks in advance for the help.
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    From what I've heard, there is a fairly nice AM/FM radio option for a carpc now. It uses Visteon HDZ 300 HD tuner and is controlled through a serial cable that mitchjs (I believe that's how he spells it.) makes. He's on the forums, so a search should pop something up. I haven't tried this myself, but people seem to be quite happy with it. If you do get rid of your HU, just remember that you also need an AMP. Just one more thing to keep in mind.
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      I second the Visteon setup. I have it on mine. It works really well