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What is the best Micro ATX (ITX) motherboard?

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  • What is the best Micro ATX (ITX) motherboard?

    Hey, Iím going to be getting a new computer for a presentation, and afterwards I hope to use it in my car... So, I need something powerful enough to run Microsoft SQL server and XP reasonably (for the presentation), and small enough to fit in the car.. As much as I want to get the 933 ITX, I am worried just wont be able to run Microsoft SQL server.... So, here is what I hope you guys can help me with

    1) Anyone tried SQL server on the 933 ITX?

    2) What is the best micro ATX board I can get? I have been searching the web, but have not come up with anything.. Lots of reviews of individual boards, but no comparisons, and I have been out of the loop too long to make sense of just stats.

    I want to use voice recognition, gps, and perhaps play DVDís in the car. & get something that can handle that kind of load.
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    If you want a truely fast yet small mobo then go with the Shuttle SB51G barebone setup. The board itself is about 2 inches longer than the mini ITX yet supports the latest Pentium4 3.06 with Hyper-Threading.
    Another small board is the FV25 which is less than an inch longer than the mini ITX. It supports the P-III Tualatin CPU up to 1.4Ghz.
    Fastest production MiniITX board would brobably the M 9000 Via C3 900Mhz.
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      what presentation application needs MS-SQL? or is this some custom thingy?

      having used MS-SQL extensively for several years in my line of work I can tell you that RAM is your biggest need, not raw processing power. that database is only gonna be serving data to a single use (itself) so CPU grunt aint vital.

      having said that, the EPIA 800/900's should both be fine IMHO, just give it 256/512MB of RAM for the task.

      personally im getting away from the MS side of things for web applications development nowadays, launching a big corporate site on the 1st Feb which I have developed ground up in PHP/mySQL all the way. MS-SQL 2000 was wayyy too much trubble for me... even tho you miss out on transaction support (until mySQL 4.0)
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        The presentation is just a demo of some software Im going to write up for foodservice data management for this nonprofit senior center in this area. Im going to need a few computers to demo it, because its has a client and server componenets, and I want to show it with an actual client and server machine.

        What you are saying is true, I dont really have to push a large amount of data... on the other hand. hmmmm, whats the best way to say it...
        xp is a bulky piece of software.
        Sql server is a bulky piece of software
        I want this demo to be fairly snappy, and I really dont want to change the software Im using at this point.

        Those points in mind, I know that the ITX cpu's are somewhat.. hmmm... optimized for some tasks, and I worry that the low-on-chip-cashe, dvd optimized board is going to choke on sql & xp.
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        Working On: GMAT
        Given Up On: Custom motorized lcd