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New cPC NEED Comments and Suggestions!

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  • New cPC NEED Comments and Suggestions!

    I currently have my laptop as my car pc and i want to upgrade it but i like being able to run on battery power in case something happens while driving that might loosen the power supply. However, my laptop finally broke the other day and its time for me to actually get a real car pc. Any advice suggestions or comments would be appreciated since im new to building a car pc. I build many custom pcs though so i dont think there will be that big of a difference.
    I currently have a lilliput touch screen that works just fine i just need the pc and this is what i am thinking about getting.

    System Specs and Pricing:
    Case : VoomPC-2 Enclosure for Car PC Applications = $79.95
    Mobo: ZOTAC NF610I-D-E = $49.99
    CPU: Intel Celeron E1200 1.6GHz 512KB L2 Cache = $49.99
    Optical: Sony Optiarc Black Sata Slim =$49.99
    HDD: Western Digital Scorpio WD800BEVS 80GB =$49.99
    Power Supply: M3-ATX = $69.95

    Total Cost: $349.86

    Is that all i need? Is that good enough? Am i missing anything? Should i get other things as well?

    Any input would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Depending on how much media you have/want to eventually have some day, you may wanna think about getting a bigger drive. Also, i wouldn't limit your spending to newegg either (for instance, i got my 120gig WD at an independent computer store for that same price. From what i can tell however, that sounds like a good system