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Build a carputer or buy a pre-assembled from

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  • Build a carputer or buy a pre-assembled from

    hi guys.. how`s life?

    im wondering of getting rid of the infill G4 and get a new mini itx carputer..

    but i am pretty new to the carputer deal.. so wondered if i should build or buy a finished one from

    Car Computer Systems

    buildt quite a few pc`s from scratch before... np on techincal side. but never done a carputer before. the basics are the same, but the sizes are so small and the choices are huge! will any mini itx fit any mini itx casing? should i go with mini/micro itx?

    what type ports and how many usb`s is minimum from the mobo? all these things that are special in a carputer i am wondering about..

    what casings/lcd`s/cpu`s/PSU/MOBO etc should i avoid or prefer??
    see that it is alot finished products on ebay, avoid or are they ok?

    carputer, PC Components, Desktop PCs items on

    in general hoping to leech of your experiences here.. because there is alot of it in here!!

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    miniITX is a standard size, so any miniITX will fit any miniITX enclosure.
    The smaller enclosures like the Voom series of cases may require low profile RAM and/or low-profile heatsinks to fit vertically, however.
    microATX is a bit larger, but gives you more choices for cases.

    Go for components that have a low power draw whenever possible. Mobile components (made for laptops) tend to focus on low power draw.

    And ebay is OK, but has some potential risks involved. If you're willing to shoulder the risk of ebay sellers, then go right ahead. That's an individual choice.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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