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Problem with Intel DG45FC Graphics

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  • Problem with Intel DG45FC Graphics

    Hey Guys,

    Not so carpc related, but i know some of you have the Mini-ITX board DG45FC from intel. I am having problems with the graphics output, whenever i disconnect or turn off my tv, or reboot the machine, it just comes up with a picture on the tv that looks like a refresh rate problem or something, and the drivers are really crappy, basically no settings other than resolution and refresh rate, but this seems to get reset or something after reboot. Only way i can get my display back is safe mode/remove drivers and boot again and install the drivers once again. but the second i reboot i get the same error....any suggestions ? i am using newest g45 drivers from intel.
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    What do you mean TV?
    Are you not using a VGA/DVI device? Just a TV-out??

    I would suggest looking in your BIOS setup for which video device to boot from.

    With that said, I've always loathed anything with integrated Intel graphics...just
    ****ty graphics performance all together...


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      by TV i mean my Sony W3000 42 inch Full HD LCD TV via HDMI, Intel had promoted this as being able to decode VC1/h264 in 1080P with the X4500HD, which does not work properly due to bad drivers from intel, but i am using it anyway, since i have a 3ghz core 2 duo cpu which will do that job instead. I don't need 3D acceleration, so i don't really care about gaming performance and such, all i care about is HDMI/DVI output and optical spdif sound, which that mini-itx board has.
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        If it has HDMI and VGA output, in other words dual display, it might be when you unplug the TV, and plug it in, it's getting the dual display mixed up? Try plugging a monitor in as well as your TV and retest...


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          It has HDMI and DVI, and no, nothing is on the DVI port either, once the hdmi goes berserk.
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            I just found a new driver version for the G43 chipset which also works for G45, and this has solved the problem :-)
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              Good going...


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                Originally posted by _dopehead_ View Post
                I just found a new driver version for the G43 chipset which also works for G45, and this has solved the problem :-)
                Please share the link, I am in same s..t as you
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                  I can't find the link right now, but its the latest intel driver for the G43 chipset, it works for G45 as well.
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                    Intel DG45FC ITX Motherboard question on Video

                    Noticed folks discussing HDMI and DVI ports on the DG45FC motherboard from intel.. does anyone know if the HDMI and DVI can be used simulaniously in a dual montior configuration... I don't have the system so I can't test it outright.. if anyone has tried it.. I'd be interested in learning from your experience. Thanks in advance for your help..


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                      I would experiment with BIOS. What BIOS version do you have?

                      I bought mine with 087, from November 2008. Since then there has been a ton of bios updates. Very buggy this one. I counted the number of BIOS updates since NOV/08: 10...ten!

                      I once tried installing bios 113, but I had issues with resuming from hibernation with no picture (sometimes). So I went back to v. 097, from April or June/09. There is one 117 that I haven't tried yet. I'm trying them to see if they can speed up my boot times.

                      So yes, I would try Bios updates, just download the .exe and run it from windows (that's what Intel recommends) and go updating one at a time.

             your BIOS up to date?
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