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The need to reinstall drivers constantly?

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  • The need to reinstall drivers constantly?


    I have a laptop in my car which I used as my car PC. I've noticed though that after I remove it from the vehicle at night, either to work on it more at home or keep it out of the cold, that when I plug it back in within my vehicle I need to reinstall all of the drivers for my USB devices.

    I am using a "generic USB hub" as windows XP referes to it (I can't think of the name off the top of my head, but I want to say it is an 8 port 5v Rosewill hub from Newegg). I have my GPS, external sound card (Ex-UA1 I believe....), k301 touch screen, Carnetix 2140 (PSU Moni), and other devices plugged into it.

    What is odd though, is that the touch screen drivers don't always have to be reinstalled, but only on occasion. Furthermore, when I start up the PC, I'll get volume from the computer restarting (you know, the windows boot sound), but then nothign else from the sound card until I reinstall it.

    Have any of you ever run into this situation before? If so, how did you resolve it?



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    Are you plugging everything back into the exact same port it was plugged into before?
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      You know, I did not think of that......

      (In regards to plugging the USB hub into the same port of the PC)

      I'll have to look into that next time.


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        I'd just get a hub, and leave everything be. Plug the hub back into the same port every time. Should be good to go.
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