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Hardware Dimensions; 1.5 Din Chassis

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  • Hardware Dimensions; 1.5 Din Chassis

    Good Afternoon!

    I will be using a custom made chassis for my CarPC that will fit in my 1.5 din OEM location. I managed to figure out a program called Google SketchUp(If you haven't used this's AMAAZZING. FYI )rather quick and I would like to mock up the unit before production.

    I have one problem. I am building the pc in reverse. I already purchased a Lilliput 629, and my next step will be the chassis. I plan on getting the motherboard, and other components once the chassis is complete. Since I have nothing in front of me to measure, the mock up has been a little difficult.

    If you know the dimensions of some standard items, could you please look at the following list. Correct me if needbe, or add any other items I may need to consider.

    Motherboard: Intel DG45FC 40mm (audio jack is the highest point?)
    Heatsink: Low Profile is listed as anything below 75mm. The render uses 70mm
    Memory: Mp3car has low profile memory for about 21mm
    2.5" Harddrve: 10mm

    I haven't decided where I will put the cd/dvd rom. However, I imagine they aren't more than 5-10mm for a slim sloat-load unit if it were to be put into this chassis. are the images of the render
    You will notice a rectangle cut out of the top shelf. I was hoping to have that shelf start perpendicular to the backside of the memory. But for some reason it became one with the whole unit

    Over a year later I guess it's true...a carPC is NEVER complete

    2002 Mustang CarPC