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3000gt/stealth/eclipse/talon(?) do you have Digitalww's in dash lcd?

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  • 3000gt/stealth/eclipse/talon(?) do you have Digitalww's in dash lcd?

    Hey, Im working up to geting one of Digitalww's non-motorized fold out 7" lcds... Seems like a great deal with the touchscreen.

    The thing is, Im not sure if my hand is going to hit the lcd when Im shifting....

    If you guys have a 3000gt or a stealth, or a Eclipse (I think they have similar dash to the 3000gt) I would really like to hear how the fold out worked for

    Given, its got to go in the bottom din...
    How far does it stick out? Does your hand hit it in first gear?

    Does it cover the AC controls?

    I assume you have to be in 2'nd or 4'th or reverse to open the lcd up? how much trouble is that?

    Any input would be a real help!

    1995 SL stock
    Working On: GMAT
    Given Up On: Custom motorized lcd

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    I had a 5.6" LCD in my car before and had to put my DSM in Drive in order to pop out the screen.....

    Hope that helps...


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      Hey SPyder_Flex97, thanks for the reply, seems like you have a nice setup. I have a few questions:

      -Did you have it in the top din, or on the lower one?
      -Did your hand hit it while shifting once the lcd was deployed?
      -Was your 5.6" a fold out like the 7" digitalww is selling?
      -Where did you install your computer? Im thinking Im going to put it in those small plastic bins next to the spare wheel..
      -Do you like the micro-atx board? where did you get it & what made you decide to get one over the itx?

      On the motorized lcds the base of the lcd is right at the housing unit... it looks like on digialww's 7" fold out, the lcd when deployed is about 1" forward from the housing... Im wondering if I could put this in the top din, and perhaps that would keep it out of the way a little bit.. it would come over the AC controls a bit, but I could still reach behind it to mess with them.
      1995 SL stock
      Working On: GMAT
      Given Up On: Custom motorized lcd


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        Unfortunately my carputer got stolen about 2 weeks after i finished my install last year, which made me quit and not rebuild again....
        If you like I can send you some fotos of my install!


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          ive got dscustoms old popout 5.6" lcd in my 95 talon mounted in the upper din with a short throw shifter and have no problems.



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            I will have one of these eventually, although old old post, but worth replying I guess
            What im curently listening to.
            My complete carpc setup