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  • HD via USB

    I have a question:
    Can a Laptop be installed to start the operationg system from an external HD? - consecuently: no internal HD in the laptop.

    Or maybe even better a large flash stick? that would reduce the acces time a lot wouldn't it?

    Why I ask this because my HD recently crashed and I don't feel for going to Dell and buy a new HD for a lot of money when there are so many cheap externals out there...

    regards Witte_swe

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    More than likely it can, but you'll take a performance hit over an internal hard drive.
    Most newer computers have the ability to boot from a USB device, but not all.

    A standard Windows install on a flash drive is not a good idea. Normally, Windoze writes to the boot drive frequently, and flash drives have a limited number of write cycles. Installing Windoze to one will substantially decrease the lifespan of a flash drive.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Ok so what I get from this is that I can boot the computer from usb HD but it will be slower acces.

      It's not a good idea to boot from flash memory.

      You recommend me to get a new internal HD instead?



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        I would recomend an internal SSD. As for spinners ive always liked seagate.

        Windows discs need to be hacked to be able to boot from usb. Linux can be installed directly onto a usb without extra work. Also, check your bios to see if your motherboard even accepts usb startup.