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PC CD/ DVD skipping problems?

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  • PC CD/ DVD skipping problems?

    Before i decide to use a PC's DVD player I was wondering if any of you ever had any problems with them skipping?

    My car has very tight suspension... cant have my CD's skippin' all the time

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    depends on what kind of CD/DVD player your using. Notebook ones are more sturdy, so little or no chance of skipping.


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      Anybody have any bad experiences with regular CD-Roms or DVD-Roms?


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        My Ricoh MP9200A plays DivX, audio CD, DVD with no skips. I havent tried burning CDs while driving yet.
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          Don't worry about probably won't happen. If you take a look at a PC CD/DVD drive it doesn't read the CD from the pops up a mechnisum to hold the CD/DVD in place before it starts reading. The mechnisum is equvalent to the circle partion of notbook drives. You got CD running at 52x...i think that's well over 5000 RPM...and it still runs perfect.


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            I have a Pioneer slot load DVD and I have had no issues with it skipping.
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              I had a portable cd player in our old Plemon van with a casette adapter. Going through the crappy highways in PA it would skip on all the little slots they cut across the road untill it ran out of its anti-skip memory and quit playing. One year we plugged the catette adapter into my laptop and played a cd in it and it didn't skip at all. This was even an expensive portable cd player ($150 at the time I bought it) Those crappy PA roads ca cause factory radios to skip, even my nice $350 Clarion HU skipped on a few. I've watched small cars with work shocks bounce off the road and our Plemon van would rock like a boat till you got sick, but the laptop cd player kept running.