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  • Hard Drive Problem

    Hey guys,

    I've noticed this problem starting to happen more often recently.

    I will be listening to Mp3's while driving. I have Power LED's and Hard drive LED's in my car dash (see webpage in signature). Probably once a day, the hard drive lights will go solid red, as if the HD is being accessed, and the system will lock up. I can't move the mouse, use the remote w/ the IRman or anything.

    I have an FV24, Maxtor 60gb 7200rpm HD, 128mb Ram, WinXP Prof, Keypower DC-DC PS.

    The strange thing is, that this happened back when I had Windows 98 installed on the Carputer. That's why I'm thinking it's a hard drive problem. I've tried scan disk and defragging. Unfortunately the defrag takes so long I can't let it run long enough to finish since it's in the car.

    Anyone else ever have this problem? Any suggestions?
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    not enough power?


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      Nope that's not the problem. Any suggestions guys?
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        Install motherboard monitor and find out what the CPU temp is before it freeze. It doesnt look like you have enough air circulation.
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          I had the same exact problem. My drive was a Maxtor Diamondmax 60GB 5400 rpm drive. The PC would lock or just not start correctly, espiacially when cold. I eventually switched to a 30GB WD hardrive and all problems went away.

          91 cadillac sedan deville, winXP, FV25 with Celeron 800, Redant 7" widescreen in dash, Opus DC-DC, Irman, Digital Cable remote(lots of buttons), 120 gig 7200rpm 8meg cache WD hard drive, VI power mobile HD rack, mediaengine