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Dual screen setup issue

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  • Dual screen setup issue

    I have added a USB to VGA adaptor to my computer for rear seat display. Windows is able to show extended desktop (using the supplied driver). In CF, I have selected Display 2 for video playback. The playback still happens on the primary monitor and not on the second display. What is going wrong. Dont ask me the brand of USB 2 VGA adapter as it just says made in china.

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    Extended desktop don't always support fullscreen video by default. You need to enable Fulscreen video overlay on the secondary monitor. Is there any option in the Driver for that?
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      I dont see any such option. In mirror mode, it is showing same as primary screen, including video playback. In extended desktop, only wallpaper is shown. Even when CF is confugured to play video on display 2, it plays video on display 1. CF did recognise second display and gave the option to select it in audio video settings.


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        I am running road runner. Have it setup on my home pc with 2 monitors and it works like it should video on second everything else on front monitor. Setup my car with the usb-vga and have the same issue. Will not display video on second monitor if used as extended. Did you ever resolve this issue?
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