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Running windows from a CD Rom

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  • Running windows from a CD Rom

    Does anyone know how to run windows maybe 98 or se or me nothing higher from a CD-ROM my desires are as such:

    put cd into drive and configure as primary boot

    put blank zip250 into zip drive

    boot up and have the cd run windows with the files needing to be written going to the zip disk

    no swap file as machine has 256 meg ram plenty for what i wanna do

    is it possible

    thanks guys

    why i wann do this is so i can run yahoo messenger at werk, i cant install it without rights and dont wanna attempt hacking it cuz it is a military pc


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    I seen a tread on "The Tech Zone" forums about a year ago. May want to search the forums(techzone).


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      Hey, not much chance the zip drive has the speed to run a basic file system... even if it does work, even the most basic apps would take forever, it may work in a "proof of concept" way.. like 15 min to boot, but in terms of actually running in a useable way.. I doubt it.
      If you want to make it work, I would suggest something like a usb hard drive... that would work.
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        you're forgeting about virtual memory. Theres no way for windows to write to the cd.


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            thanks that last lin werked out great, somehow i knew the answer could be found here..


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              Good way to get fired. They don't allow IM clients for a reason: because they are insecure. Nice to know that Military personelle are so concerned with security...
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