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IS it possible to make a windows mobile Car stereo

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  • IS it possible to make a windows mobile Car stereo

    So I would kill to have a windows mobile based car stereo all around. Example would be all the features of say the touch pro/ ATT FUZE, with a built in amp and maybe dvd player on a 7" touchscreen...

    It's not hard to get a screen that matches the resolution of the newer Touch pros at WVGA. The audio can be routed through a small amp - GPS is already built, so is mp3, attach bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth OBDII, FM Radio, etc etc.

    The core of my question is, do the touch screens used in cars like this one

    It has a 4 wire resistive touch screen and wvga resolution...

    Is it possible to somehow (even if dissassembly and hard wiring were an option) to get the output from the TP main board onto this display. I would imagine the signal strength from the TP is kinda low compared to the output from a computer so that might pose a problem, but i want to believe that at some point the required inputs of this screen for display are similar to those on the TP vga and the output from the TP display for touch screen functionality is similar to the out of the LCD display for touch screen functionality?

    What do you guys think.

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    sounds pretty complicated, possibly look at this?

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      I just don't see how it could be

      The problem with the existing solutions, i.e. porting the WM interface through a cable is that it's just darn slow. I don't see we it would be complicated to build the guts of one of todays top mobile phones into a double din Unit!

      I feel like i saw one on you tube once!

      The hardware and software just mesh so well!