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  • Police Scanner on Screen

    This was an install I've always wanted to do. Run my scanner through the carputer. (best I could do w/ my phone camera)

    Made a button that pointed to the scanner software and it works well. Has all the on screen functionally. I use the external speaker out on the scanner to the audio in on the computer and from the audio out on the computer to my PC to car module so the audio uses the existing car speakers.

    Finally, a use for that neglected serial port. Now if I can just iron out the problem with my GPS, I'd be a happy guy.
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    Say WHAT?

    Ummm, I'm not quite following. I can see creating a shortcut to Scanner software on your PC, but how does the scanner software interface with the scanner unit? I resurect this thread because this is something I would want to do as well.

    Or are you just talking about routing the sound to you speakers via input to you carputer?


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      Some scanners have i/o ports you can plug a serial cable into to control or re-program. Theres software you can run to control them that way.
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        There are plugins for the BCT8 and BCD996T Uniden scanners available for Centrafuse 3. The BCD996T plugin brings the entire Uniden user interface including GPS integration into the CF environment. The BCT8 plugin handles most of the basic controls.
        Integration of the Uniden products with a carPC frontend is not particularly difficult. Pretty much straight serial comm. But for some reason Uniden has decided to use a slightly different protocol with each radio, which means that the code has to be modified for each individual radio. CF Forum member themlruts' work on the BCD996T is very good and fairly modular, so modifing it for a different radio might not be too hard.

        My BCT8 plugin is decidedly more primitive (but functional) and would have to be re-written explicitly for a new radio.

        Here's the link to the BCD996T plugin thread: Link




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          Very cool this is my next install is the Bearcat BCT-15 with the onscreen control, I do not have more room for another head unit anywhere, plus the software gives you the mapping and recording functionality. I am almost considering the hand held version BCD396XT so that I can save space and be able to go mobile with the scanner if need be. Thanks for pointing out that Centrafuse has plugins for the software makes it nice and easy.
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