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Compaq 1685 laptop

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  • Compaq 1685 laptop

    It is a Compaq presario 1685 laptop
    it has Amd-380mhz processor in it,
    I would like to upgrade the processor to the highest possible one I can get for this computer, but I am having a really hard time time find out any info on it.

    Thanks for replying!


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    Hey man,

    Technically, ant socket 7 CPU will work in your laptop. Howver, either an AMD K6-2+ or K6-3+ would be best. These are low-power, cool-running processors that will be much more stable.
    You will have to take the laptop apart which is explained in great detail here.

    If you need any more specific info, feel free to ask moi.

    P.S. I replied to your PM over at [H].


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      Thanks again!!!!!!!!
      keep them coming!


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        Tell me about your cpu? is it on a sub-board? is it a socket 7?,
        Can you describe the cpu to us?
        can you configure the bus speed in the bios? are there jumpers?

        It seems like you have a very good chance of going to 433mhz minimum... I can tell you more if you can get me a bit more info... I tried digging though that link but didnt have the time to really read it.
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          Have you considered calling Compaq?
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            The laptop has a socket 7 board. There are switches on the motherboard that allow you to change the bus speed, cpu speed and voltage.