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    This is probibly a noob question to most of you but i have been searching for most of the evening and have run into very little that answers my next big question.

    That question being what direction am i going in as far as sound. I have recently roughly installed my carputer(read: threw it on the rear foot well and tacked my display to my dash... gheto i know but not done) I am currently running sound to my stock HU via one of those tape dillies(once again gheto i know but temp solution). Everything is in and working fine but its time move the system foward again. A few options are floating around in my head about where i might go with this.

    The easiest would be to install an aftermarket HU with inputs and run an rca up from the trunk. This is probibly the easiest solution but... I don't really know how i feel about that seeing that i can get all of the advantages of a HU out of my computer and why clutter the dash with another useless thing.

    Another rout is to mount a 4 chan amp under the front pasenger seat. This requres me to bring audio to the amp and out to the speakers via the stock wiring in the dash.

    Or finally re route all speaker wires to the trunk and amp from there. This final one seems to be the most work by far but also the best solution.

    The main problem i see with the latter two is that i MUST HAVE analoge volume control at my finger tips. I hate push button volume. Ive been looking at SoundBlasters new lineup of cards for this. They both seem to be excellant cards with great numbers and all the features i could ever want but no matter how i look at it it seems that i will have to run lots of copper back and forth from the front to the back of the car.

    Ill leave it there for now. As you can see ive not so much asked a question but am polling for a discussion and hoping to find the best overall solution to this problem that i am facing.


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    Are you happy with the sound from your stock speakers? If so, then yes, the head unit will require the least amount of work. If you are planning on upgrading the speakers, go ahead and mount the amp (either under the seat or in the trunk).

    In addition to the Soundblaster cards, you should also consider a preamp, like those made by Audio Control, Phoenix Gold, etc. These can give you the analog volume control, as well as tone control. If you do decide to go the head unit route, I would recommend Pioneer mostly because they offer a dedicated volume control, and that the XM/Changer controlling head units can all accept the accessory AUX IN adapter. Lastly, there is also the Griffin Powermate which can be programmed as a master volume control for your computer. This is USB based, so you could have your amp in the trunk with nice short line level jumpers from your soundcard to the amp. Just keep your speaker wires from major sources of power, and you should have a noise free system.


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      that product is very interesting. A little more than i need though and actually a bit big for where it would need to go. Something along those lines would be nice though and would elimonate the need for a sound card with a remote face.

      Dose anyone know the mean of connection for the audigy bay front??

      Also what are your recomendations? I know you said that i could do what i stated. But what do you think i should do. Any pros?? Any cons??