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Playing different types of music and video files

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  • Playing different types of music and video files

    This isn't really a hardware question but here goes anyway. What do I need to install in order to play avi's, mpeg's, etc in winamp or whatever. I installed the divx codec and thought that would take care of it but it didn't. Some files are real slow, the music is fine but the video is only around 1 frame every 15 seconds, no exageration. I have a epia M with 256 mb ram .... so it definately shouldn't be a hardware problem unless, and this is how I'm justifying putting it in this section, there is a setting somewhere to tell the computer to take advantage of the hardware acceleration. The movies play fine on a computer with a 900 mhz athlon, 256mb, geforce 3, etc etc system. I forget what all I installed though on the athlon system software wise. If I use the DVD software that came with the epia the DVDs I copied to my harddrive still in the original format, .vob or whatever it is I can't remember, run silky smooth.

    Off the subject of this post I think I remember someone saying you couldn't run a vga out and a composite out at the same time on the epia m9000. Well you can, I was just doing it earlier today. I had a regular computer monitor and my car video screen running at the same time. I'm running XP Pro if that matters at all. Maybe I just remember the post wrong.
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    run a search on google for "Nimo Codec". I dont know about winamp but before I installed this, I had all kinds of problems with different movies and stuff. See if it takes care of you.
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