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    I'm looking at putting in a CarPC into my car. I've never done anything like this before, so I'm a little confused. I've read a fair bit, but I want some opinions.

    What I want right now is just to have one or more cameras that record when the car is on, with timestamps and location stamps from a GPS receiver.

    I want this to be expandable so I can add other features in the future.

    I think I need (hardware):
    • A computer. I was thinking a netbook would work well since it's small, and uses very little power.
    • DC-DC power supply with an auto on/off feature based on the ignition.
    • USB video capture device.
    • USB GPS receiver.
    • Camera(s).

    The cameras only need to be powered when the car is on, and they don't need a startup signal, but I'm not really sure where their power would be connected. In fact, I'm not entirely sure where to connect any of the power inputs.

    As for software, that's another issue. I need some kind of video recording software that can do the time and location stamps on each frame. I don't know what's available, as I've never done any kind of video recording before.

    Anyway, I'm hoping to get some input on the overall goal, as well as my approach, since I'm sure most of you have a lot more experience than I do.