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Weird issue with revosys HU/display after Ignition

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  • Weird issue with revosys HU/display after Ignition

    So I have had the revosys HU display w/ built in Amp installed for 4 months now.
    Until today, I went to work. Powered it on. PC booted from hibernation, and display works fine. But there was no sound.
    So i drove to work with no tunes.

    Went out for lunch break to try it out. Started the truck. I pressed the eject betton on the HU to slide the screen down. No response. No sound still.
    Turned off the truck, put it back to ACC only, everything works fine, set to ignition to start the engine, sound stopped working again. Display still works.

    Did it again to ACC, this time I just flipped to ON position, working ok still.
    So it seems to stop working after ignition only.

    the HU has built in fuse in the back, haven't checked it yet. I doubt its melted since it works on ACC/ON.
    its +12 is attached to where the radio would connect, +12 ign is attached to cig lighter (fuse is fine)

    anyone have any other ideas?

    Weekend is still far away so I can pull all this apart.

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    i would pull it out and run 2 heavier gauge wires temporarily directly to the battery and run the car and see if it works. Possibly bad wires or the stock wires in the car cant handle it and isnt supplying enough power to support all its features... still odd that it works in one position and not the other but that will i at least tell you if its the unit or a wiring problem and get you a bit closer to a solution


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      thanks, ill try that. Just have to wait till this weekend.
      Just hope it'll automagically fix itself by then.

      Another weird issue I have is the PC hibernation/shutting down.
      I have a lighted switch in my IGN wire to the PC.
      If I shut off the switch first, the PC would hibernate fine, since the HU is still On I can see it hibernating.
      Now if I leave the switch on, just turning off the ignition. Screen is of course turned off so I don't know what the PC is doing.
      The next time I power it on, Windows starts up from cold boot.
      haven't tried a non lit Switch yet, I'll find one later on.

      So for now, I'm just powering off the switch first before i turn off the engine.


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        what PSU are you using?


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          im using the M2-atx


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            I'll admit right off the bat that i don't know much about the m2 as I am an Opus fan, but I'll try my best.

            When you say you turn off the ignition before the switch, is this with the car running or turned off... does it react the same in either case? I'm wondering about a low voltage threshold on the M2 maybe (i dont even know if it has one...) that is cutting it off when the voltage drops when the car is shut off.

            If it is happening usually when the car is running and you turn it off and it has the prob, i would test this out when you have your temp wires connected to the battery and run the car and just turn it off with the wires still on the battery and see how it acts... also check the voltage at the battery and check the voltage at the PSU and make sure there isnt too much of a drop, and if there is it could be caused by corrosion or a bad connection somewhere. If the voltage is consistent but it still shuts off look into a low voltage threshold adjustment on the M2.


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              well the car is still running when I flip the switch off, then it will hibernate.

              I have not tried just putting it to ACC and flip the switch from there if itll still hibernate ok. ill try that tomorrow.

              Only thing i've noticed so far is when leaving the switch on, and using the ignition keys to power it off. This apparently is shutting the PC down or is not hibernating correctly. Even if I flip the switch off After the ignition keys are out.


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                ok, this what i've tried today.
                I put a switch to the IGN wire so I can turn the HU after the emgine starts. still the same issue.

                so I ran a 12ga wire from my dist blobk which is connected directly to the battery and replaced the harness' 12v wire with it.
                still the same issue.even if i put the IGN wire to a constant 12v.

                now, if i switch the IGN wire with the 12v, it seems to work, but has very loud noise on the speakers. but then stopped working

                i'm running outta ideas.

                posted from carpc.


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                  ok did another test.
                  I powered everything on while at ACC. sound and front buttons work.
                  IGN and 12v wire connected to battery still.

                  started the engine, sound still working, but has engine popping noise. front buttons don't work.
                  if i power off the HU using the switch and power it on again. they all stop working again.

                  display works fine still.. since im typing on it right now.