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Mustang 1.5din & Lilliput 629gl

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  • Mustang 1.5din & Lilliput 629gl

    Hey gang,
    I'm a bit confused about how I will place my Lilliput 629GL (2008LED) in my 2002 Mustang 1.5 din location.
    I've noticed that Mechatroniks & Bybyte have Double Din kits that fit the Lilliput 629GL and apparently seperate the touchpanel & circuit board. I would really like to use one of these kits as I'm not sure how else I could install the screen in a metra/scosche radio kit.
    Now the confusing part is that Crutchfield lists their Metra radio kit as double din.
    However, I've emailed Metra and the radio opening is only 3 13/16" tall. I'm sure the frame doesn't add up to be 104-107mm(Double din height)

    Soooo, my question to you is...can I use a bybyte or mechatroniks double din kit in my mustang? Otherwise, how else can I install the innards of this screen on a custom case made by blk02si?

    I would reaaaaaaallly appreciate some assistance on this matter!! I'm pretty stuck...
    Over a year later I guess it's true...a carPC is NEVER complete

    2002 Mustang CarPC