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is there a place that i can get an lcd 6'' for around 150$ or less?

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  • is there a place that i can get an lcd 6'' for around 150$ or less?

    i saw some place selling at that price, but they're sold out...anyone knows any other place that sell at that price range, part express is too expensive...

  • #2 is the only store that I know of that carries those 6" LCDs. I have seen similar 6" LCDs on ebay, but that's about it. Otherwise, either wait till eio gets more in, or be ready to dish out more cash...


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      yeah i saw those at, but they re all sold out..damn, i can't wait any longer


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        EIO has been sold out of those for so long, its bordering on false advertising. Dont count on them getting any more in.
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          For those of you who havent been around that long, check old posts about They are HORRIBLE. If they ever did get more 6", Id still be reluctant to buy , even though I am still in need of an LCD


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            i emailed them to see if they got any...this is the reply:

            We have been able to locate more of this product in the past, and take care
            of the demand. You are on our priority list to be notified if we get the 4"
            to 6" color LCD's back in stock. This would insure that you would be
            notified if we have inventory for sale before we would list the inventory on
            our website. If you have found another source that satisfies your need, and
            do not need one at the time that we have them, please let us know. If you
            would prefer not to be added to the list, please also let us know. Thank
            you for the inquiry!

            - Doc Salvage